One of the main fields of operation for Plastic Worx Polska consists of the mobile recycling of withdrawn plastic packaging such as crates, pallets, wheelie bins, plastic containers, and logistic containers from industries such as automotive, e-commerce, food, or logistics.

The final product consists of regrind packed in big bags. Most often, this means high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP).

Due to the fact that our machine park includes 5 mobile grinding machines, we are able to provide this service anywhere in Europe. We also systematically renew and expand our machine park.

All our machines include an independent power generator.

If you are a brewery, producer of beverages, or you simply possess plastic packaging such as crates, pallets, wheelie bins, or plastic containers for disposal, please contact us! We will happily present our offer!

Thanks to our mobile recycling service, you will save in terms of the costs related to transporting the packaging intended for disposal to the recycling station. We will come to you with our grinding machine and carry out the grinding at your facility. There are many advantages to this solution, of which the aforementioned reduction of costs concerning transport to a recycling station is only one. Additionally, you free up the storage space which is occupied by plastic packaging intended for disposal. Depending on the option you choose, we can offer the sole service of grinding, or as additionally, purchasing the material that was created during the processing of the plastic packaging.


Plastic Worx has been established since 2002. Our main office is located in Krakow, Poland. Due to the company’s dynamic development, we have also opened offices in Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain. Currently, the entire group consists of 5 entities, and we employ nearly 800 people.

More information about our group and other services can be found HERE.

A few figures from last year

1000000 kg
amount of ground crates/containers/pallets
number of large bags produced
number of kilometres our machines travelled
number of visited locations
number of sharpened knives